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Noelle Price

Noelle Price is a native Detroiter dedicated to spreading the love of dance to all ages through community projects. She enjoys blending cultural rhythms with formal training to both challenge the advanced dancer and invite the novice. Noelle moved to Seattle in August of 2015. She self-produced her first evening length dance work in September 2016, titled “An Ode to Marlin”. She wrote and performed a monologue series titled “Death and Other Rude Things” in October 2016. In addition to being an independent artist she is currently dancing for Maya Soto and Nico Towers and is a former member of Karin Stevens Dance Company.  Noelle received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Western Michigan University. She has developed and implemented several community dance projects in the Kalamazoo area including the establishment of the Arts for Change Scholarship through the Kalamazoo Black Arts and Cultural Center. During her years at WMU Noelle had the pleasure of working with many professional dance artists including Arturo Fernandez, ballet master of Alonzo King LINES ballet, while learning King’s contemporary ballet Koto. She also performed as the featured soloist in the historical reconstruction of Loïe Fuller’s La Mer by Megan Slayter and Jessica Lindberg Coxe, was the premiere dancer in an original piece by contemporary choreographer Peter Chu of Chuthis and performed for three seasons with the WMU chapter of the Chicago-based hip hop company, Hip Hop ConnXion. Noelle finds joy in the balance of teaching and creating work.

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