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Alicia Mullikin

Alicia Mullikin is a Mexican-American artist, choreographer and teacher in Seattle. She completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance at Cornish College of the Arts where she received recognition as an Outstanding Dance Major. Her works have been presented in a number of west coast festivals and venues. Notable Seattle performances include The BOOST Dance Festival (2013 & 2016), The Bridge Project (2012) at Velocity Dance Center, 12 Minutes Max (2013) at On the Boards and two self-produced evening length works, Iron Daisies (2013) and Dust and Angels (2015​​​​​​​​). Her works have also been presented at Conduit Dance Inc. in Portland Oregon (2014), The American College Dance Festival in Utah (2009), Kinetic Conversations (2009) and Celebrate Dance (2016) at Riverside City College California.


This year her dance film TRAPPED received an Audience Choice Award in Next Fest Dance Cinema at the Northwest Film Forum. Alicia’s work is intrinsically linked to her memories and lived experiences as a Mexican-American woman. As such, she is dedicated to representing her truth through dance and allows for expression and deeply emotional content to fill her works. She is currently on staff at Seattle Academy of the Arts and Sciences and holds a teaching position at Bellevue College, eXit SPACE School of Dance, and Cornish Preparatory Dance where her love of dance is fueled daily. She is excited and honored to be an eXit SPACE Artist in Residence this year and to be a guest artist for the Au Collective, an ensemble that spotlights P.O.C., queer, and women artists.  Alicia was a choreographer for Tint 2018 and is back for Tint 2019 as a guest artist.

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