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Celebrating dancers and choreographers of color

Closing the Curtain: Tint Dance Festival's Legacy

With mixed emotions, we share the news that the Tint Dance Festival organization will be dissolving and ceasing operations. Since 2020 and the pandemic, significant changes in the life priorities of our founders, Sue Ann and Arlene, have led us to this decision. In addition, one positive outcome of the pandemic is the increased focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in various aspects of society, providing great momentum to our mission in the dance community and a positive impact on society. Despite our changed priorities, we are confident that the mission of Tint will continue to thrive through society's ongoing commitment to DEI.


We take immense pride in creating Tint to highlight the crucial need for greater diversity on the dance stage. More importantly, we are proud to have championed this mission before the term DEI became a societal mainstay. Heartfelt thanks go to all those who supported, danced, and allied with us during our brief existence.


For us, Tint's success was defined as reaching a point where diversity and representation were inherent elements of dance performance. While the Seattle dance community may not be 100% there yet, we have undoubtedly moved much closer than when Tint first began.


With the dissolution of Tint, rest assured that remaining funds will be directed towards organizations we believe will carry on the value of diversity on the dance stage that we aspired to uphold at Tint. As we finalize arrangements with these organizations, we will update our Facebook page to announce them, ensuring transparency in our intentions.


Thank you for being a part of the Tint Dance Festival journey. Though this chapter is closing, the impact of our collective efforts will resonate in the dance community.

With gratitude and sadness,


Sue Ann Huang and Arlene Martin

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