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GiveBIG to Tint

The Tint Dance Festival is participating in GiveBIG on May 4-5, 2021.


During the GiveBIG statewide fundraising campaign, individuals and organizations come together across Washington to invest in our community. When we give, we take a proactive step towards creating the society we want to live in.


Every spring, the excitement for GiveBIG builds through grassroots-based word-of-mouth, social media, an extensive multimedia promotional campaign, and local celebrities and sports teams firing up the community to show their generosity. This year's GiveBIG campaign kicks off April 20, and culminates with 48-hour giving event on May 4-5!


In 2020, 91,618 donations were made to 1,635 nonprofits. These donations combined with donor-advised funds (DAF) and IRA contributions, matching donations from individuals and companies, and in-kind contributions from local media companies totaled $19.2 million!


GiveBIG was started by the Seattle Foundation in 2011 and transferred to 501 Commons in 2018. Since it is inception, GiveBIG has raised $144 million for nonprofits.

Please consider "Giving BIG" to the Tint Dance Festival on May 4th or 5th (or schedule your donation now) and encourage others to do the same to help support future iterations of Tint Dance Festival!  Your donation will help to support the future operational costs of the annual festival. These costs include theater rental, rehearsal space, and artists' compensation.

You can start giving as early as TODAY!  Schedule your donation ahead of time or give on May 4th or 5th HERE.

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